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Make Yourself Indispensable

With recent economic uncertainty, continual "restructuring," and the increasing pace of change in the workplace, it's hard not to. In fact, many of us can be easily replaced.

Still, we all know that one person who has weathered recessions, layoffs, "downsizing," and "outsourcing" with a serene face and a steady paycheck. The question is:

How do you become that person?

Where'd You Hear That!?!

Use these 6 guidelines to create a perfectly polished resume.

Working 5 to 9 not 9 to 5

Working 5 to 9 not 9 to 5

Strategic Planning for YOU Inc.

All top businesses build strategic plans for their short- and long-term development. Your career is no less important--and it can benefit just as much from focused strategic planning. The best strategic plans are flexible, work in both the short and long term, and reflect your specific career goals. Whether you are currently employed or are between jobs, you can put the following steps to work in creating a strategic plan for "YOU Inc." that moves your career forward.

5 Ways a Personal Blog Can Boost Your Career

When I first graduated from business school, I leveraged our school's alumni network to seek advice on securing my first job. One successful businessperson I spoke to advised that starting a blog would be one of the best things I could do to advance in my career. Looking back, I completely agree with this advice. Building a blog is one of the best tools for getting started and advancing in your career field. If you don't have a personal blog yet, I hope to provide some concrete reasons in this article on why you must start one today.

How Your Work History Affects Your Job Hunt in the New Age of Work

The resume--and other details of the job hunt--certainly are changing. Resumes are morphing into a combination of digital identity and the traditional summary of work experience and skills. And perhaps what has changed the most is how your work history affects your job hunt.

Making LinkedIn Work for You Tips for getting noticed and getting connected

With roughly one new member joining per second, LinkedIn has rapidly developed into a global professional networking superpower. But with so many people competing for attention on the site, it's easy to get lost in the crowd. Here are a few quick tips to help you get noticed (in the right way) and get connected to potential employers.

Your Career 2.0 Make a smooth transition back into the world of work

Going back to work? You're in good company. According to a recent MetLife Foundation/Civic Ventures survey, somewhere between 5.3 and 8.4 million people aged 44 to 70 have made the transition back to work by launching "encore careers." So if you're headed back to work, prepare yourself for a great career comeback with these tips.

Top 10 Steps to Catapult Your Career up the Corporate Ladder

Every career success story is unique. While there isn't a magic answer for taking your career to the top, following these ten steps will get you headed up the corporate ladder.

4 Steps to Career Passion

As you look ahead, think of the rest of your career as a journey. That journey has the potential to be an incredible adventure, or the roadtrip from hell. Here are four steps to make sure you enjoy the ride!
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